Southern Baptist Pastor
Adoption Grants

Welcome Southern Baptist Pastors!

We are proud to announce that we at Bethany Christian Services are complimenting the scholarship fund that has been established for Southern Baptist pastors that choose to adopt. As more and more pastors choose to adopt a child, we know that more of the membership will also be open to God’s calling in this area. We believe that the Church is the answer to the orphan crisis and the more pastors are educated and engaged in and about the orphan crisis, the more you will teach and preach on God’s heart for the orphan and the reality of the orphan in today’s world.

As a Convention, Southern Baptists have been very vocal and supportive of pro-life ministries. One of the proactive and positive steps we can take as Christians is to be open to adopting the children that are born and not aborted. We have a moral and biblical obligation to adopt the children in cases where the birth parents are not capable of parenting if we are standing against abortion. These may be children of a mixed race, of a different race, or children with special needs.

At Bethany, the nation’s largest adoption agency, we will come along side your church to help equip you with the tools and knowledge you will need if you choose to have an orphan care and adoption ministry. Many churches now see orphan care and adoption as part of the missional strategy of their church. Our website is dedicated for this type of ministry. Also, our National Director of Church Partnerships is an ordained Southern Baptist minister. Before coming to Bethany Christian Services, Johnny Carr served in several different churches ranging from 100 to 1700 weekly attendees.He has preached at Olive Baptist in Pensacola, FL (Ted Traylor, Sr. Pastor), Calvary Baptist in Clearwater, Fl (Willy Rice, Sr. Pastor), and Cross Point Church in Duluth, GA (James Merritt, Sr. Pastor). For more information about ministry opportunities, contact Johnny at

Below is the necessary criteria for a Southern Baptist Pastor to receive a $1,000 adoption grant from Bethany’s Caring Connection Fund.

  1. Families that are approved by the Southern Baptist Adoption Fund.
  2. Families using Bethany for their entire adoption that fill out a formal application beginning June 14, 2010 and complete an approved home study with Bethany by June 30, 2011.
  3. Families must apply to Bethany’s Caring Connection Fund indicating they are a Southern Baptist pastor.
  4. If you are one of the first 25 applicants, you will receive the $1,000 grant from Bethany's Caring Connection and it will be distributed at the time of placement of the child.

To begin an application for a Caring Connection grant, please work with your local Bethany office who can submit the grant request on your behalf.

To learn more about the Southern Baptist Adoption Fund, visit their website.